Singing On Prescription?

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“First it was exercise on prescription, then it was arts on prescription, soon it could be singing on prescription, as the clinical evidence builds up, and as more and more projects promote the benefits of singing to health and wellbeing, both for those in generally good health and those with physical and mental health problems, or who find themselves socially excluded or isolated.”

Grenville Hancox MBE, Director of the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health based at Canterbury Christ Church University in the UK believes that we are not too far away from having your local GP say: “Go and have a sing with that lot down the road” instead of “take these pills three times a day!”

The article goes on to explain about seven therapeutic outcomes from singing in a group; Communication, Cognition, Engagement, Confidence, Relationships, Empowerment and Exercise and stress reduction.

Some of these benefits are felt by our choir members. In a recent feedback survey, the following comments were made:

“I love being part of a team and having an extended family!”
“This is the friendliest choir I have ever belonged to.”
“I can’t wait for tues evenings to have 1 and a half hours of wonderful practice and singing with such a lovely selection of songs.”
“Please make the one and a half hours go slower!!”
Read the full article here …


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