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Newmarket Community Choir release Christmas charity single

Written by LIZZY BUCHAN (Newmarket News)

Newmarket Community Choir's christmas single to raise money to buy a karaoke machine for dementia sufferers
Newmarket Community Choir’s christmas single to raise money to buy a karaoke machine for dementia sufferers.
Sing joy to the world! is the Christmas single by a Newmarket choir which has been released this week to raise money for a local cause.
The Newmarket Community Choir released Sing Joy to the World! on Friday, December 13.They have teamed up with charity Sing For Your Life, who support the health and wellbeing of older people using music and contributing to the issue of dementia.

The NCC will be using funds raised to buy a “silver song music box” for people with dementia.

Choir chair Diane Buddery said: “We have pledged to raise enough money to purchase a silver song music box.

“This box, rather like a pre-loaded karaoke machine, can be plugged into a TV and is portable.

“It is our ambition that we can use our love of singing to promote singing for well-being and fun to the older people of Newmarket.”

The music, lyrics and guitar for the song have all been done by local artists, musicians and lyricists, with singing provided by the Newmarket Community Choir.

They have already promoted it with a live performance at Tattersalls Sales Ring on Friday.

The song costs £1 with all proceeds going to Sing For Your Life. To download it, go to

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